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StrikeEngine - Links to Japanese Import Car Insurance brokers and specialists in the UK. Japanese import car insurance for modified cars, tuned cars, drags cars, drift cars and ex Japanese tuner cars. All insurance companies listed are regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Cars imported from Japan are also referred to as Grey Imports in reference to the grey economy. This term refers to a car or item that has been imported into a country legally but has not with the agreement of the car/item manufacturer.  Japanese imports tend to be popular due to the fact that they usually have a higher specification and the fact that they tend to cost less than the domestic equivalent. Japanese import car insurance tends to be higher than insurance for domestic vehicles due to the impression that repair of the imported cars is more expensive as the parts are more expensive. With the popularity of Japanese imports into the UK reaching such high levels this problem has more or less been eliminated although a large number of insurance companies do not agree, which is why it is well worth consulting a Japanese import car specialist for a quote as well as the traditional insurance companies such as the AA and AXA for example.

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Japanese Import Car Insurance Specialists

Advance Insurance

Barry Grainger

Insurance Factory

Sky Insurance

Mark Richard Insurance

Simply Insurance - Tel: 0800 612 9376

Academy Insurance Services - Tel: 0800 288 9246

Adrian Flux Insurance - Tel: 0800 505 3000

Direct Line - Tel: 0845 246 6246

A Plan Insurance - Tel: 0845 071 1234

Warwick Davies - Tel: 08717 502107

Heritage - Tel: 0845 3385033

Haden Welbeck - Tel: 0845 130 4151

Basildon Insurance - Tel: 0800 288 9210

Keith Michaels - Tel: 0845 337 3380


Tett Hamilton - Tel: 01275 792270

Swinton - Tel: 0800 072 6620


Japanese Import Car Insurance Specialists

Advance Insurance
An insurance company specialising in Japanese imports based in Chippenham, Westbury and Swindon. Their website has a dedicated page giving online quotes for owners of importer cars

Barry Grainger
One of the longer established insurance companies, Barry Grainger offers specialist insurance for Japanese imports and modified car insurance

Insurance Factory
An expert in giving insurance for the imported cars and Japanese imports. Site has an online quote facility. Insurance Factory claim to understand the drivers of Japanese imports so they can give better prices than the larger non specialised car insurance companies

Sky Insurance
Sky participate in Japanese car forums and offer discounts to Japanese car clubs. They have specialist advisors on their team who are dedicated to specific types of Japanese imports or specific model of Japanese cars

Mark Richard Insurance
A family run insurance company based in Bristol England. The company has been trading for over 40years offering a wide range of insurance services including car insurance for modified Japanese performance cars.

Simply Insurance - Tel: 0800 612 9376
No website available at the time of writing. Simply Insurance claims to have astounding prices, excellent service and superb cover. A Japanese import car specialist parent company is GSI Insurance this links to the GSI Insurance website

Academy Insurance Services - Tel: 0800 288 9246
1 Page website stating that they get the best quote from 30 insurers and offer immediate insurance cover.

Adrian Flux Insurance - Tel: 0800 505 3000
Japanese import car insurance specialist and offers insurance for most modified cars. Adrian Flux offer additional discounts for IAM, Pass Plus and Max Driver qualified drivers. Also offers insurance discounts for car club members as well as covering In Car Entertainment Systems.

Direct Line - Tel: 0845 246 6246
One of the biggest insurance companies in the UK but doesn't claim to be a Japanese import car insurance specialist.

A Plan Insurance - Tel: 0845 071 1234
"For Japanese import car insurance that performs" states A Plan Insurance. A basic website but does have an online quote facility.

Warwick Davies - Tel: 08717 502107
Performance and Japanese import car insurance specialist. Will consider quoting on all cars regardless of modifications. Discounts available for low mileage and garaged vehicles.

Heritage - Tel: 0845 3385033
Claims to offer "the Japanese import car insurance" provider. Offer free agreed valuation certificate, discounts for car club members and if the driver has owned the car for more than a year and the option to retain the salvaged car. Also offer motorsport, hill climb and historic rally cover plus breakdown and recovery cover across Europe.

Haden Welbeck - Tel: 0845 130 4151
Specialising in cover for all Japanese car imports as well as modified vehicles. Usual discount available plus discounts for having experience with similar cars.

Basildon Insurance - Tel: 0800 288 9210
A daughter company of Academy Insurance Services

Keith Michaels - Tel: 0845 337 3380
Japanese import car insurance specialists. Modified, standard, 4x4's and MPV's covered. For drivers 21+

Not a specialist import insurance broker but might be able to offer good prices. Online only.

Tett Hamilton - Tel: 01275 792270
Offering insurance on American imports as well as Japanese import car insurance. No online quote facility.

Swinton - Tel: 0800 072 6620
Another big player in the UK car insurance market doesn't specialise in Japanese imports but does offer cover for these cars.