Car Insurance Europe
Your going to Europe in your car and you want to know what the situation is with regards to your car insurance. Is the car insurance policy you take out in the UK valid in Europe?

Car Insurance Europe

If your car is insured in the UK, it is insured in all European countries in the EU. There are no cross border insurance checks in the EU although police can check your car insurance in foreign countries. A green card is no longer necessary for your car insurance to be valid in European countries.

You do not need to make any special arrangements when you drive from one country to another, ie you do not need to inform your insurance company everytime you cross a border in Europe.

The type of car insurance cover you take out in your country does not change when you cross a European border.

In summary, if your car is insured in a European country that is part of the EU you are covered to drive in all other European countries in the EU. And do not worry if you do not know if the country you are entering is part of the EU or not, when you cross the border the border guards will ask you for insurance if that country is not part of the EU and you will be able to take out car insurance at the border although this may be expensive compared to the price you would have paid in advance if you had informed your car insurance broker.

Here is some more car insurance Europe information from the EU

The EU Motor Insurance Directive 2009/103/EC is intended to help EU residents involved in a road accident in another EU country.
Under the Directive, subscribers to compulsory motor insurance policies in all EU countries are covered for motoring throughout the EU.
Motor insurance premiums differ from one EU country to another, mainly due to differences in risk assessments and compensation schemes.
Vehicles should be registered in the country of residence of the policy holder and/or vehicle owner. Provided their registration is in order, they may be insured by an insurer established in the country of registration or in any other EU country. Insurers providing cross-border insurance services must fulfil certain formalities under the EU insurance rules. They must also be willing to offer a contract.
EU residents looking to take out motor insurance are strongly advised to compare offers from different insurers in order to find the best deal in terms of premiums and conditions. Their best aid in comparing deals is the Internet – insurers providing services in EU countries are usually listed on national supervisors’ websites.