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World’s Deadliest Roads

You might have seen Top Gear with Clarkson May and hammond on Bolivia. They went on the “Worlds deadiest road” apparently. Let me tell you something. I saw a TV series yesterday which made the “World’s deadliest road” look like Germany.

There is a program showing on History Channel Europe at the time of writing which follows the ICE Road Truckers as the drive around the Himilayas in a local truck. Trust me, the roads in IRT “The World’s Deadliest Roads” is on a whole new level of deadliesness to what you saw in the Top Gear Bolivia Episode.

For a kick off the is a lot more traffic in a lot more of a hurry. If you have ever driven in Bulgaria you will have an idea of what I mean. Overtaking around blind corners in the norm. Massive vertical drops, crumbling bridges, psychotic drivers, this program has got it all.

If you have watched Ice Road Truckers you might think the Alex is tough. Alex didn’t last a day. Lisa, on her first day she said she had never been so scared in her life. Rick on the other hand, the guy that didn’t look like he was cut out for the Ice road in the first series of Ice Road Truckers, he looks like he is in his absolute element.

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