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Engine Power Calculator BHP, PS, KW, LBS/FT & NM

Car Instrument Cluster During Acceleration

Calculate your engine's power with nothing but a stopwatch and some simple specs.

Last updated on March 30th, 2019 at 05:44 pm

This engine power calculator will calculate the power of your engine. It will give you the power in KW, BHP & PS. It will also give you the torque in lbs/ft and NM

How to use this power calculator

Find a private road which is long and has a consistent gradient, does not need to be flat, just consistent.

Choose a start speed and end speed of your acceleration run

Record the time it takes the car to accelerate between these speeds

With car out of gear, record the time the car takes to decelerate between these speeds. This time will compensate for wind resistance, wind direction and speed, rolling resistance of tyres and the gradient of the road

What you need to know

You need to know the following info about your car.

Final drive ratio(Google if you don’t know)

The gear ratio of the gear you used in the acceleration run (Google if you don’t know)

Your tyre width, profile and diameter (written on the side of your tyre)

If you are not sure of the weight and/or gear ratio, Google is your friend!This engine horsepower calculator is designed to give you an easy way to calculate the horsepower of your engine just by using a stopwatch and some simple specs of your car.


Quick and easy and no need to do runs in both directions!

Any questions? Leave a comment below!

This page was last modified Mar 30, 2019 @ 5:44 pm

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