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How To Advertise On With Google Adwords

Advertising opportunities for business in the aftermarket automotive industry @

Display Advertising with Adwords can be a bit hard to assess. This video shows you how to target specific sites and how to make it easy to analyse the results of your placements.


To target a specific page on StrikeEngine we recommend creating an Adwords campaign that is targeted at StrikeEngine only. This will make it easier to analyse the performance of your ads and cost of your ad spend vs the revenue created.

1. Log into your Adwords account

2. From the Campaign tabs select “new campaign”

3. Give the campaign a name, this will depend on how you structure your account but we would recommend having StrikeEngine in the title somewhere so it is easy to find.

4. Then select the country or area you would ike to target. It is good practice to target a very specific area with each campaign, this will allow you to customise your ad to suit your audience. Also only target an area or country where you actually offer your products and/or services.

5. Select the language your customers speak. Regardless of where you are I would always include English, plus the language that your ad is written in and/or the language that is common among your customers.

6. Network and Device. This is the part where you specify as the only site where ads in this campaign will show. Go to “networks” and “let me choose”. Untick the search box, you do not want these ads appearing in search results. Tick the “Display” box and select “Specific Reach”

7. The final options are down to you and your budget. With new campaigns we recommend setting and bid slightly above what you are prepared to bid on the long-term. This is to give your ad a chance to build up its keyword score. Making the bid high at the start will get your ad showing more often so the score can be built up quickly.

8. On the next page you will be asked to set up an ad group as normal. Except in this case you will leave the keywords box empty. Only enter information in the “placements” box on the left.

9. If you want your ad to be available to show on all pages on StrikeEngine just enter “ If you want to target specific pages on StrikeEngine, find the page you want to advertise on and copy and paste the web address into this box, for example, to target the Honda Tuners page you would enter “” in the placement box. For the most relevant results we recommend customising ads for each page but if you want to build up some data about the site to start with target the whole site.

10. When you have targeted where you want your ads to appear on StrikeEngine, enter your bid amounts and click “Save”

11. Last step. For your ads to show on StrikeEngine you now have to make them in the normal way. We show text and image ads on StrikeEngine so feel free to make both types and see what performs best for you. At the time of writing we use the ad size 336×280 only, so if you are building images ads have this mind. We may offer more sizes in future. Obviously for text ads you do not need to worry about ad size as they are resized automatically. To get up and running with image ads quickly, the “Display Ad Builder” is an excellent Adwords tool.

12. And that’s it. You now have ads showing specifically on a site related to your business and only appearing to visitors who can buy your products or services. Of course you are not limited to advertising to StrikeEngine. You can use the same principles to advertise on sites and pages you choose as long as they show Google ads.

If you have any questions, please use the comments box below.

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