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Pipe Area Calculator – Compare Area of 2 Pipes/Hoses

Circle calculator thumbnail. Image shows formula and example

The pipe area calculator below lets you find the area of a circle, pipe or hose. Enter the diameter of two pipes and compare the size difference. An essential tool when you need to know what improvement you’ll get by changing the diameter. The circle calculator uses the standard circle formula, Pi*r squared.

Pipe Area Calculator

Enter the diameter of your circle below. If you are comparing two circles, enter the smaller circle diameter first.

Why Did I Make This Tool?

I made this pipe calculator primarily for people looking to change their exhaust size and need to know what area (flow) increase they will get from a bigger size. Likewise for people looking to upgrade their intercooler piping and need to know how much more area, a bigger pipe will give them. If there are any features you’d like to see added, let me know in the comments below.

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