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Advertise On Google – How To Do It

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Advertise on Google a how to guide.

If you want to fast forward the process, StrikeEngine offers and account setup service. We create your first campaigns and give them to you. You can see what we did so you can copy our strategies for any other campaigns you want to build (no recurring fees). Visit the Google Ads setup page, fill out the form and we’ll let you know if we think your website is ready for advertising on Google Ads, how it can be improved or if it’s ready to go.

Advertise on Google – Step by Step Guide

Step 1

Set up an Google Ads account

Step 2

Do NOT use any automated or wizard options to build a campaign for you

Step 3

Use the tools to find out how much people are paying Google for clicks for the services/products you want to advertise. Be as specific as possible with the keywords you put into the tool. If you are targeting local people, make sure to include the name of your county/town in the keyword phrase. For example BMW service London.

Step 4

Find out how much you are prepared to pay for a visitor to your website. How much is a visitor who typed “bmw service london” worth to you. Use out CPC calculator tool here to give yourself a ball park figure of how much you should be paying.

Step 5

If advertising on Google looks like something that will be profitable for your business (it may not be), create your first campaign in Google Ads.

Be very specific with your campaign. For example call your first campaign “BMW Service London”.

Step 6

Write your ad copy. Google gives you some tips here, use them.

Step 7

Add your keywords. Again, be specific as possible. In this example use “bmw service london” and use “phrase” match, or better still “exact” match (do not use broad match and in our opinion do not use any tools like “Performance Max”). You can write keyword variations as well, for example “london bmw service”, “bmw london service”. Do not use keywords like “bmw london” or “bmw service”. The keywords should include the specific product or service you want to advertise and also the location where the service is given.

Step 8

Location targeting. I’d recommend you start by targeting people who are in your local area. You can do this by name or by distance from your business.

Step 9

Device and time targeting. If this is the first time you use Ads I’d probably leave the default settings. When you get some stats you can start to look at this targeting if you think it is worth it.

Step 10

Enter your max CPC bid. You should have an idea of the number from Step 4. Don’t be tempted to increase this number, we are advertising on Google to make money not to spend it.

Step 11

Activate your campaign and give it a couple of days to see what happens. How many visits do you get? How much does it cost you? What is the conversion rate.

Step 12

Analysing the data. This is absolutely key.

You need to know what your advertising is doing if you want to know if it is working. Google Analytics is a great tool here. You can see what keywords people used to get to your site, where they are from, what they did when they got to your site (for example made a purchase, called you etc). For more information on analysing the visitor data, check the CPC calculator page. It tells you what to measure, how to measure it and what to do with the results.

Summary – Advertise On Google

Repeat the steps above and create up to five campaigns to get started. Let the campaigns run and see what happens. Only when you start seeing the statistics can you judge if the ads are working or not.

Google will give you some tips with regards to your campaigns after they have been running. It may say landing page quality low for example. In this case, update the landing page, make it better, more focused, more relevant to the person who clicked to get there.

Again, using our “bmw service london” example.

If people searched for “bmw service london” and people clicked your ad, don’t take them to a page which deals with general MOTs or bodywork. The landing page should be about “bmw service london” only.

The first page the person lands on should give them the information they need to purchase your service and a way to make that purchase.

Google Ads Setup Service

StrikeEngine offers a Google Ads Account Setup service. If you want to skip all these steps and get your first campaigns set up for you, we can help. Fill out the form and we’ll let you know if we can help you with your website as it is now. And if we think it needs some changes, we will point you in the right direction to get your website prepped for advertising on Google.

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