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StrikeEngine provides Google advertising agency services to automotive companies worldwide.

  • You want to advertise on Google with advertising agency
  • You want to invest not spend money on Google advertising.

If this is you, StrikeEngine can help

14 Years Experience

We have been working with Google Adwords/Ads for over 14 years. We know what loses money and we know the key ingredients to make Google advertising drive more sales, profitably.

There are a lot of ways to spends tens of thousands of dollars on Google adverts and waste almost all of it, if we do not know the fundamentals.

What we do

We offer three services

  • Account setup
  • Account setup and management
  • Account consultation
Constant analysis & tweaking is key to maintaining profitability with Google Ads – Image source:

Google Advertising – Account Setup

For businesses that want to get a pre-built Google Ads account with a solid foundation that can be built upon and managed in-house.

This is the perfect way to bypass spending thousands on trial and error.

We setup your Google Ads account with the knowledge we have gained advertising on Google over the past 14 years.

We then hand the account over to you, for you to manage.

If decide you want us to manage the account on an ongoing basis, the option is yours.


The price for the account setup varies wildly depending on how many products/services you want to advertise.

Get a quote.

Fill out our basic quote form here. We will get back to you with a price for setting up your Google account.

Google Advertising – Account Setup & Management

For those businesses that do not want to manage their own account on an ongoing basis we build your campaigns and monitor your account to constantly refine the ads with the goal of lowering costs and improving performance.

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Google Advertising – Consultation

You are advertising on Google already and you are disatisifed with the results or you just want a fresh set of eyes to look at your strategies.

You need to know what you are doing to right and you need ideas of what you could be doing better and/or new ideas for growing your revenue from Google advertising.

We look over your account metrics and your website to give you a report which will detail

  • Campaign issues
  • Website issues
  • Suggestions to remedy the highlighted issues
  • New ideas which are not currently be explored

Our report will give you a plan of attack to refresh your Google advertising activities with the sole goal of increasing profitability.

If you like what you see and you want us to implement the changes we recommend, take the next step and use our Account Setup Service or if you want us to manage your account on an ongoing basis our Account Setup and Management Service.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help companies new to Google advertising hit the ground running with profitable campaigns.

And for those companies already advertising on Google, we help give you a fresh perspective.

Whichever stage you are in our goal is the same, to make advertising on Google profitable not an expense.

Contact us for a free quote now and find out what we can do for you.


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