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Google Advertising – What We Do

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StrikeEngine specialises in setting up Google advertising accounts for businesses who want to start advertising on Google.

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Why employ a specialist?

In a word experience. When you employ StrikeEngine you are buying 15 years of Google advertising experience. We have spent tens of thousands over the years to find out what works and what doesn’t.

Trial and Error

If you want to skip this trial and error process let us build your account for you. We hand over to you, a focused and effective Google Ads account out of the box.

In-House Management

If you want to manage the account yourself, no problem, you have no ongoing monthly commitment.

Ongoing Management

If you want StrikeEngine to manage your account on an ongoing basis, we can do that also.

Just want us to give your account a once over every now and again, no problem.


And if you are already advertising on Google and you are not happy with the results or you just want a fresh pair of eyes, we also offer a consultancy service.

If any of this describes your business, get a quote now, it’s quick and it’s free

If you want more information on our Google advertising services and Google advertising in general, check out these links

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