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EVO Magazine vs Top Gear – Skoda Yeti Review

I thought EVO Magazine was a good motoring magazine. I thought EVO gave the reader the full picture of a car whether it be a supercar or a family hatchback but I was watching a rerun of Top Gear today and I discovered that is not so.

I discovered that EVO magazine can somehow have a car for an entire year and apparently do “loads” of miles in it and yet the journos at EVO can still, somehow, manage to give only half the story, or  half a review if you like.

Jeremy Clarkson gave a 5 minute review of the Skoda Yeti and managed to completely demolish and expose the one-sided and shallow car reviews that EVO magazine are capable of.

In 12 months, EVO did not once manage to cover the awesome offloading ability of the Skoda Yeti.

Things EVO did not cover. Hill start assist. Even if you are on a steep slope you don’t need to use the break to hold the Yeti, it will pull away, even if you are on dirt.

The Yeti has under floor reinforcements for offroading, something which completely passed EVO by.

I am sure EVO must have mentioned that the Skoda Yeti has 4wd but I don’t actually recall them saying so. Jeremy Clarkson and Top Gear however did.

In fact the 5 minutes that were covered by Top Gear and Jeremry Clarkson were so much more in-depth than EVO’s “long-term” “what the Yeti is like to live with on a day-to-day basis”  that it seemed that EVO and Top Gear were reviewing different cars with the only similarities being that they happened to have the same name.

In fact, the reviews were so different that I am considering having to subscribe to another car magazine aside from EVO that reviews new cars so I can be sure I am getting the full story, something which apparently EVO is not giving me.

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