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Batmobile To Race At LeMans 24hrs in 2012

Well not quite the batmobile but from the photo you can see what I mean.

This biggest steps forward for this car over a conventional LMP car is obviously the front end.

The DeltaWing LeMans Series car has the potential to revolutionise racing

Apparently the huge reduction in the amount of bodywork massively reduces drag which means 200mph could be possible with just 300bhp.

The team behind the Delta Wing are looking at 1.6 turbo WRC motors for the propulsion as there should last 24hrs without a problem.

Another step forward for the Delta Wing is the reduction in weight. You may think that a narrower track on the front end would mean more understeer but apparently the weight reduction and the fact that over 70% of the car’s weight is over the rear axle means the car should be more responsive than traditional LeMans cars.

Because the DetaWing is such a revolutionary design it will race in its own class in 2012. Hard facts about the car’s performance are hard to come by but the Delta Wing team are aiming to be setting lap times between LMP1 and LMP2.

The shape is certainly unique and it will be very interesting to see how the car performs, it could change the shape of cars as we know them.

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