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Car Rental Excess Insurance – Should you get it?

With car rental excess insurance I have done it all. Not taken any excess insurance, taken the car rental companies insurance, taken insurance for the excess and had a car damaged without any excess insurance.

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Or you could just take on the liability & risk of the 1000GBP and not pay anything extra, not even the car rental excess insurance.

If you don’t want to do that, get car rental excess insurance to cover the excess but bear in mind you will still probably have to hand over 1000GBP if you damage the hire car or if the hire cars gets damaged. The difference being with car rental excess insurance, you get the 1000GBP back sometime in the future.

If you don’t have car rental excess insurance you have to go back and forth with the car rental companies insurance company to get your 1000GBP back and you may not get the 1000GBP if the other insurance company does not play ball.

Personally over the years I must have hired 20+ cars. If I had taken out car rental excess insurance each time I would have probably spent 800GBP so far. Almost the same amount as pranging the car……

car_insurance_ukAlso bear in mind things out of your control.

What if your car gets damages when you have parked it up (like me) but you don’t know who did it. You are going to be out of pocket. So think about where you are you going to be leaving the car.

Dodgy areas?

They maybe the insurance from the car rental company is the way to go

Like any other insurance, you are betting that your rental car will get damaged and the insurance company, whoever that is, the car rental company’s or the excess insurance cover company is betting you wont damage the car.

You have to decide for yourself, how good a driver you are, where you are going if extra insurance, in whatever form, is the best bet for you.

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Here is an article from the Independent on the subject, what they fail to mention is that you are probably still going to end up paying the full excess until you get the money back from you car rental excess insurance company, however long that takes.

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