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If the submission is not related to the content on our website and/or we deem it as not a good fit, we offer the possibility of featuring your submission as an paid advertisement on We will make it clear to our readers that the post is a paid advertisement.

Every submission is treated on it’s own merits. We will let you know what we will do with your submission within 7 days of receiving it (eg so you can use the article elsewhere if we don’t use it)

Minimum Requirements

-The article must be written by a human

-The article must not be a direct cut and paste of an article already on the internet

-The post must be automotive, motorsport, tech or sports related. Except paid advertisements.

-The post/article should be at least 500 words long

-The post/article should include a photo at least 700px x 400px in size.

The photo must be representative of your service eg your facilities, your logo, your product, the subject of the guest post/news article.

-The post/article should be submitted using the form below only (please do not ask us in advance with questions like “We would like to submit a guest post, what do you need”, “Would you be interested in a guest post” etc

What happens after submission?

We will confirm if the article/post is featured on StrikeEngine within 7 days of us receiving the submission.

If you do not receive a reply within 7 days, feel free to send us a follow up email.

If we deem your submission suitable as a paid advertisement, we will email to let you know.

Video Submissions

If you want to submit a link to a video that is hosted on the internet already eg on YouTube/Vimeo/Daily Motion etc that is fine also but please submit a supporting article for the video which contains at least 500 words. Video submissions can also include a link to a website

NOTE: Links included in posts/articles must be relevant to the post/article.

For example, we would not include links in a motorsport article, if the link is to a get rich quick scheme.

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This is in Beta. At the moment only performance brake pads and coilovers are listed

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