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DIY Toe Alignment Tool Calculator, Front & Rear

This DIY toe alignment tool is basically free if you have a toolbox! This article shows you how to get your toe numbers and the toe calculator at the bottom gives you the numbers you need.

If you have your numbers already, the DIY wheel alignment calculators are here

What you need

A ruler
Two stands, axle stands are perfect
6 meters of string/cable/fishing line
The front and rear track width specs of your car
The wheelbase specs of your car

How you do it

Put the axle stands on one side of the car, one at the front one at the rear. Tie the line between them. Place the line with 6cms of the wheel lips. Keep the line as tight as possible.

Measure the distance from the line to the centre of the rear wheel, doesn’t matter which part of the centre, just as long as you use the same piece of the centre, front and rear, every time.

Say the number you get is 50mm.

Say the track front track of the car is 20mm wider than the front

You want to line up the front axle stand so the line is 40mm away from the centre of the wheel (if track width difference is 20mm, each side of the front axle will be 10mm further out. Minus 10mm from the 50mm to get the distance between the line and the front wheel ie 40mm). When you get it to 40mm, check the rear is still at 50mm.

When everything is set, you now have a line going down the side of your car that is exactly parallel to the centre line of your car. We can now start measuring the toe.

Measure the distance from the line to the front edge of the front wheel, rear edge of the front wheel, front edge of the rear wheel and rear edge of the rear wheel. Write the numbers down and repeat the whole process for the other side.

When you have all the numbers, you can bolt it into our DIY toe alignment tool calculator (at the bottom of this page) and it will tell you exactly where you are.

DIY Toe Alignment Tool Calculator – Example

In this example, we have a car that had far too much camber of the front right wheel. We fixed the camber and we measured the toe again to see if the toe still needed changing.

These are our toe numbers before the camber was corrected.
These are the toe numbers after. Front toe is unchanged. Right rear toe has increased slightly by 0.3 degrees.

Factory specs for this car is 0 degree toe front +/- 0.25 degrees. Rear 0.5 degrees +/- o.25 degrees. We need to adjust the toe on this car to at least make it symmetrical.

Bolt your toe measurements into the toe alignment calculator below to get your numbers

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