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Gear Kits Group N and Close Ratio inc Final Drives

Close Ratio Gear Kits


Gear X – DMS


M Factory

Par Engineering – Australia


SQS – Czech Republic

Tran X

X Trac

Close Ratio Gear Kits

Carbonetic make a range of gearbox and transmission parts including limited slip differentials, clutches and close ratio gear kits and final drives EG6, EK4, EK9, DC2, B16A, B16B, B18C

Gear X – DMS
Not a link to the manufacturers site. Gear make a range of final drives and gear ratios and close ratio gear kits for Honda B Series, K Series, and S2000

Hewland Engineering is the only company in the world which specialises solely in the design and manufacture of transmissions for competition cars.

You will find Hewland transmissions and components in nearly every category of motorsport, from the stages of the World Rally Championship in Super 1600, Group N and World Rally Cars, to the race circuits of Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia in touring cars, sports cars, Nascar, single seat racers and LMPs.

Hewland make the full range of transmission parts for motorsport from off the shelf gearboxes to custom made gearboxes


M Factory
a huge range of close ratio gear kits and final drives. M Factory also make dog kits, helical LSDs, metal plate limited slip diffs, uprated drive shafts, extended ball joints, magnetic drain plugs. Cars/gearboxes covered include MTX75, EVO X, EVO, 5,6,7,8,9, Honda K Series, S2000, B Series, B16A2, B16B, B18C, Fit, Jazz, H Series, Mazda 3 and Mazda 6 MPS, SR20DE, Sentra, Primera, Almera, Sunny, Pulsar, 200SX S13, S14

OS Giken
OS Giken close-ratio gearsets offer greatly increased gear strength, along with closer gear ratios to suit racing applications. The retention of normal synchromesh parts and a helical gear design means the gears are still almost as quiet as a standard gearset, so this is an excellent upgrade for street-driven vehicles too.

Par Engineering – Australia
PAR manufactures and stocks a wide range of gearsets – from synchromesh engagement gearsets for heavy duty street applications to custom extreme duty dog engagement gearsets for 1,000+ horsepower drag racing applications. These sets are also compatible with standard components within a gearbox such as bearings, sliders, hubs and shift forks.

All of the stocked synchromesh engagement gearsets are designed to be assembled and fitted like their OEM counterparts with factory service manual procedures including preload settings and clearances applicable unless stated otherwise.

Parr make a huge range of uprated dog and synchromesh gear kits/gearboxes for Nissan Primera, Sentra, Bluebird, SR20DET, SR20VE, Pulsar GTiR, RNN14,  Skyline, R33, Silvia, R34, Audi 01E, Ford MTX75 as found in the Focus, Escort, Cougar, Mondeo and Fiesta, Tremec, Honda B Series, H Series, K Series, Mazda G5M, Mazda MX5, Miata, RX7 FC, FD, Mitsubishi Eclipse, EVO 4,5,6,7,8,Subaru TY75, TY85, Impreza, Liberty, Legacy

PPG make a large range of gear kits for popular performance and race cars. From drag to rally, PPG have a close ratio gear kit or uprated gear kit for you whether you are looking for dog or synchro engagement. PPG are probably the first company to bring out a super heavy duty gear kit for the R35 GTR. Gear kits for Subaru Impreza WRX, V55 Pajero, R34 Skyline GTR, B Series Honda, Drag gear kits, rally gearkits

in 2010 Quaife sponsor the British Rallycross Championship. Quaife make a huge range of competition gear boxes and close ratio gear kits and well as a massive range of helical limited slip differentials. Quaife also have a range of gear kits and diff for vans and bike engines cars.

SQS – Czech Republic
We are producing Racing originally designed dog boxes for VW Group cars, Mitsubishi EVO, Ford Cosworth.

We also make custom dog-kits e.g.: Audi 01E, 02M, 02J, Ford MTX75, Honda Civic 6speed ….

Racing synchro-gearboxes for VW gearboxes type 02A/02J/02C

STS make a comprehensive range of gearbox components and close ratio gear kits for Mitsubishi EVO 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 as well as Ford and Honda

Tran X
Tran-X close ratio gear kits are the optimum in clubman / classic / contemporary performance; utilising high performance coatings and quality materials mean you get the finest product possible. Designed, manufactured and tested in house. The vast ratio choice means that these superb kits can be tailor made for your requirements to keep you in pole position. All of the features that have been injected into these kits give you the confidence to take it to another level.

X Trac
A range of off-the-shelf gearboxes for motorsport

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2 thoughts on “Gear Kits

  1. Dear Sirs.

    My name is Stelio, and I am from Montevideo Uruguay (South America).
    I am interested in acquiring a gear kit containing a gearbox , pinion, bevel ring gear and a limited slip differential for a Honda Civic VTI sir EK4 , B16A2 engine .
    This is a Group N Rally car , and it´s current is an S4C .
    What i need is a gear kit with the final drive ratio being 5.545 (61 /11) and 1- 2.428 34/14
    2- 1.813 29/16
    3- 1.421 27/19
    4- 1.174 27/23
    5- 1.000 24/24

    Final 5.545 61/11

    I would like to know if your LSD`s meet the standars approved by the FIA for a group N rally car (homologation N 5552) , since we are only allowed to use mechanical LSD`s based in friction discs, and not in the Torsen system .
    I would appreciate if you could give me the price of such product

    Im hopeing to hear from you soon


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