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Advertise on Google – Adsense Account Setup

Advertising on Google is a massively effective way to get people to know your business and to get people to visit your website, unfortunately it can also be a massively expensive way of getting business and a way that does not give you a return on your investment.

StrikeEngine has been using Google Adsense and advertising using Google for over ten years when it was still relatively new.

We have tried hundreds if not thousands of strategies and we have identified they key ways to get a return on investment and also ways to lose money

Unlike all of the Adsense agencies we know of, we do not “manage” your account for you, we do not charge you a percentage on every click (which massively increases the cost of advertising).

Instead, we setup your Google Adsense account for you, we use our decades worth of experience to build campaigns which use the strategies which we have found to work.

You get our experience upfront. When the account is setup we pass the management to you.

This is massively cheaper for you, you pay the actual rate for a click, not an inflated number.

There is no conflict of interest.

In our opinion, companies who manage their customers Adsense accounts by taking adding a percentage to the cost of each click create a massive conflict of interest.

The more traffic, the more clicks they send to your website, the more money they make.

Regardless of whether the traffic is quality or not. Quality being the visitors buying your product or service.

When we hand over the setup account, you can analyse it at your leisure to see our methods and strategies and you can build on that using the experience you gain as you manage your Adsense account and your business.

We fast forward your knowledge, you don’t need to spend 10 years using Adsense to gather experience, we have over an account which uses 10 years of experience and you can see what works and what doesn’t immediately

Contact us with the form below, we will look over your website, if we think we can help, we will reply with a quote and what the price includes. (We will not supply a quote if we don’t believe your website is suitable for Adsense, unlike others! Instead we will let you know why and what we think you need to do before considering Adsense)

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