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Ark Design electronic meter manufacturer from Japan

Ark Design make a huge range of electronic meters which use LCD displays. The Ark range of meters include the usual engine sensors like air fuel ratio, oil temperature, oil pressure, water temperature, boost pressure, voltage and many more parameters such as ignition timing, intake air temperatures and other sensors that are monitored by the original ECU.

Ark make a multimeter LCD display which is around the size of an credit card and can either be plugged into the OBD port or it can be supplied with a patch harness that will go in between the stock ECU harness and the ECU for a plug and play install on non OBD 2 cars.

Ark make patch harnesses for the EVO 8 & 9 and the IMpreza GDA, GDB and GRB.

Ark also manufacture turbo timers, boost controllers and throttle pedal programmers for drive by wire equipped cars.

Products from Ark have the trademark of being extremely thin, very small with a large LCD screen which is extremely easy to see due to the technology of the LCD display.

ARK Design meters
ARK Design Engine Meters

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