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Bianchi Crash Video Suzuka 2014

I do not push crash videos on StrikeEngine especially when I know the person involved has been seriously injured but I think Bianchi’s crash in Suzuka deserves to be seen or his accident could be meaningless.

You can see the video here

Nothing I did not cover in the article I wrote yesterday about Bianchi’s crash.

The size of the earth moving equipment was a surprise though. This one was simply huge.

Let us hope and pray this is the last time we ever see a marshal or piece of machinery enter the track when the race is live.

Let us hope that from now on, the safety car is always deployed BEFORE we see marshalls and recovery equipment on track.

Let us hope the experience and images of Bianchi’s Suzuka crash are not wasted in the name of the F1 TV Schedule.

It is just a shame so many close calls over the years had to be ignored and that someone had to be seriously injured for the obvious solution to be implemented, again, a solution that Martin Brundle has been calling for for over 20 years.

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