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Top 2 Cheap Vlogging Mics – Good Quality for less than a dollar?

If you remotely serious about vlogging you are going to need a decent mic. In this video (included below) I test two of the cheapest vlogging mics on ebay, first to see if they are any good and second to see which one is best.

The mics in this test are lapel mics/lav mics/lavalier mics, whatever you want to call them, they are supplied with a 3.5mm jack meaning you can use them with a mobile phone and an appropriate voice recording app.

I wanted a good all round mic that I can use in a car and outdoors so I need good isolation in noisy environments, I want a mic that is not too effected by wind and of course, a mic that sounds good!

Cheap Vlogging Mics – The questions I wanted to answer: 

-What sort of performance can you expect from a vlogging mic that costs less than one dollar?

-Are they worth it?

-What is the sound quality like?

-Can they be used in noisy environments?

-Can they be used when its windy?

-Which sub 1 dollar lapel mic is the best?

As usual for super cheap electronics, we went to ebay and chose two lapel mics that cost less than one dollar



Cheap Vlogging Mics – The Tests

1.Noisy environment. Next to a busy road, how precise do you need to be with the positioning of the mic and how well do they isolate the ambient noise?

2.Extreme wind test. Windows fully down while driving at 100km/h, can the mics be heard and what is the quality like?

3.In car test with windows closed. How do they perform with low ambient noise.

4.Static wind test. Standing on a beach with a strong breeze. What is the sound like, how do they cope with windy environments?

5.Quiet environment. What is their sound like in different positions. Is positioning important and if so what difference does it make.

And we wrap it up with a conclusion about their performance in general and which microphone we thought was the best

With regards to if they are worth using, that is up to you and your standards, check out the video and see what you think!

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