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Chip Tuning Boxes – Top 6 Companies

The 6 Chip Tuning Box companies on this page make plug and play tuning boxes for petrol and diesel engines. These chip tuning boxes do not alter the factory ECU code so are not detectable by a main dealer if they are removed before going for service.

Before buying a tuning box…

Before making the decision to buy a tuning box, check the section at the bottom of this page

Example wiring loom for tuning box
Image from DTE Systems.

Chip tuning boxes use a wiring loom that splices in between the connector and the sensors on your engine. The companies on this page supply their boxes with the required cable making installation super fast and easy.

You simply unplug the connector on the car, plug it into the connector supplied with the tuning box and plug the other end of the cable into the original location on the car. Click here for an example video

Installation on most cars should take less than 15 minutes.

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Chip Tuning Box Manufacturers (In no particular order).

1. Swiss Chip Tech.

Based in Germany on the Swiss-German border Swiss Chip Tech offer a massive range of products from petrol and diesel cars. Boxes are metallic and are not adjustable. Swiss Chip Tech recommend using their turbo petrol chip tuning boxes with 97RON fuel or higher for the best results.

The Swiss Chip Tech website does not contain prices, you should contact them to find your nearest dealer.


Huge application list


Limited product information
Low quality connector

2. MaxChip.

German based manufacturer of Chip Tuning Boxes. Two main types of box, the “MaxChip” and the “ProDuel”. The ProDuel chip tuning box is more expensive and offer bigger horsepower increases

The MaxChip website contains dealer information and pricing


High quality connector
Controls MAP and fuel rail sensors


Non adjustable
Not independently tested

Find your tuning box on ebay

Features comparison DTE vs RaceChip

3. DTE Systems.

German based manufacturer of chip tuning boxes. Product appears to be at the higher end of the price range. DTE have chip tuning boxes for turbo petrol and turbo diesel engines. Online ordering facility on their website

Buy DTE Products on ebay



Independently tested for power and operation
TUV Approved
Massive range of adjustment
Available with Bluetooth App


More expensive than other products

4. DTUK.

UK based company. Started in the turbo diesel tuning sector but now have products from most modern turbo petrol cars. Huge range of products on their site, maybe a bit confusing!


Quality cases and connector
Huge application list


Not TUV approved/independently tested

5. RaceChip.

German manufacturer of performance tuning boxes for turbo petrol and turbo diesel cars. Boxes are adjustable and site has a huge range of products and it is laid out it a very straight forward way.


Prices to suit all budgets


Possible over optimistic power gain numbers
Not independently tested for power
Not TUV approved

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6. Bluespark

Wait! Before you buy a tuning box

Darkside Developments have done a video on tuning boxes (below).

In our experience of tuning boxes, their video is fair. We have always said that companies in the tuning box industry are under massive pressure to give a “power increase” number more than anyone else…

Because so many people base their choice of tuning box on this “number”. Our advice has always been to treat power increase numbers with a pinch of salt, unless these numbers have been independently verified (eg DTE have their products tested by TUV Austria)

The best way, in our opinion, to choose a tuning box is either look for an independently tested product with TUV approval or check forums and see what people with the same car as you think of the tuning box or boxes you are looking at.

With that massive proviso out of the way, here is the Darkside Development video.

If after watching the video you think a tuning box is still the best solution for you eg your car is a lease or your car is still under the factory warranty, you can buy many of these tuning box brands on ebay (Links below)

We believe this video is an accurate portrayal of tuning boxes. Watch it before you buy a tuning box and if you still decide to buy a tuning box for your car eg it’s a lease or under warranty, use the ebay links below (it helps us out!)

eBay UK

ebay have literally thousands of listings from most if not all of the major manufacturers of tuning boxes in Europe and the rest of the world

Click on the links below and enter your car model to the search box on ebay to find the tuning boxes for your car.

RaceChip Tuning Boxes on ebay

Swiss Chiptech Tuning Boxes on ebay

Maxchip Tuning Boxes on ebay

Find performance parts on ebay

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