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Drag Week 2018 Documentary – Real Street Supra, That Racing Channel

0:13 What is Drag Week?

2:00 Not registered but turned up anway, just in case

5:40 Trying to replicate 7:10

8:50 Hurricane

11:00 Battery Problems

12:03 Darlington Dragway

14:20 Not making any boost

17:40 Zmax Dragway

19:32 Going to have the pedal the car

21:30 Pat Newsy

23:00 Crown Mountain

24:00 Bristol Motorspeedway

27:15 Driver owner disagreement…

29:24 Removing the hood

30:13 Atlanta Dragway

31:50 We might win this if we do a number

33:30 The pressure is back

35:50 We did something great

36:58 I realised what Drag Week was about

37:30 Trophies

37:50 Quickest sealed engine

38:20 I would love to do this all year

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