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DTM – Berger has got things going in the right direction

Berger doing such a good job of turning the DTM around

Take this weekends Race 1 at Hockenheim

Two huge things happened during the race that shows DTM is heading in the right direction.

  1. The safety car was deployed with 15 minutes of the race remaining. I don’t car when you deploy a safety car, as long you deploy a safety car. The fact that this one was 15 minutes before the end created a nail biter for the fans
  2. The second big plus for this meeting was the side by side restart. Hallelujah! Yet more tension and something I have been wanting to see. The single file restarts are wasted opportunity for excitement. That the DTM is now doing the side by side restarts is more evidence that Gerhard Berger knows what needs to be done to give the series mass appeal

In short, the success of the DTM will come from entertainment and NOT for purity of racing.

If side by side restarts and safety cars are going to be playing a bigger part in next years championship, sign me up.

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