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Exhaust System Design & Tuning – VIDEO TECH

Richard Waitas, Senior Manager at Magnaflow goes through the entire process of exhaust system design, the theories, the considerations, the measurments & calculations.

0:48 Who is he?
1:33 What is the purpose of an exhaust system?
2:45 Where does exhaust system design begin?
3:10 Big benefits to exhaust system efficiency if the first part of exhaust off the cylinder head is straight
4:04 Primary tube diameter – CFM and peak exhaust valve lift – too large or too small diameter can both create a restriction
5:13 Primary tube length
6:20 Vacuum pulse time
6:50 OE header design is not focused on performance
7:19 4-into-1 and 4-into-2 collectors
7:29 4-1 collector
8:28 4-1 gives high peak torque boost
8:58 4-2-1 collectors
10:00 4-2-1 collector gives a broader torque boost
11:00 Scavenging
11:40 Crosspipes / X-Pipes
12:50 Primary diameter calculation. Diameter of pipe after the collectors
13:25 Example of a V8 500bhp engine
14:10 500 bhp a transitional power level. Going from dual 2.5 inch pipes to dual 3 inch pipes
15:50 Muffler. Its only job is to lower sound amplitude
16:20 Active & passive mufflers
17:20 Passive muffler types. Absorption & Reflection
17:40 Reflection muffler
19:10 Absorption type muffler
21:08 How can an absorption muffler outflow a straight pipe?
23:30 Need to be sure muffler can flow the required CFM
23:50 Tuning exhaust for sound
25:30 180 degree headers
26:28 Does a tailpipe do anything?

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