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Ford Body Kits

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Ford Body Kits

Ford Body Kit Directory, Links to Ford Body Kit Manufacturers Worldwide and UK Ford Body Kit Dealers.

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Ford Body Kits and Aero Parts

lite tuned
cadamuro UK supplier –  forza tuning
ms design UK supplier – Duncan Smith
lumma tuning UK supplier –superspeed
erebuni uk supplier – ab styling
rieger tuning uk supplier –  autotint design
wings west uk supplier – the racers edge
musketier uk supplier – gmc
merkur tuning uk supplier –  not stated
pakfeifer uk supplier – evolution r
Wolf uk supplier – profile automotive

Ford Body Kits

lite tuned
Ford body kit accessories. Carbon fibre styling. front wings door cards, bonnets and spoilers.
Ford Focus

cadamuro UK supplier –  forza tuning

Ford body kit/body styling manufacturer The site has a good variety of car styling parts. In general a good site which shows good photos. The body kit designs are bang up to date. .

ms design UK dealer/importer – Duncan Smith

The site is very professional. The Ford body kits featured on the site tend to be for the latest models and are understated in design. The company has, a Ford Focus body kit which includes front and rear bumper extensions.


X-Sport Carbon Bonnet Fiesta MK6
X-Sport Carbon Bonnet Fiesta MK6

lumma tuning UK supplier – superspeed


The site is very professional, there is usually more than one kit available for the cars that are catered for. the Ford car styling parts featured are very nice and are presented In a professional manner. there are prices for each of the kits, the site is In German. The company specialises in making car styling and accessories for German car manufacturers but all featurers Ford body kits.  Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus body kits.

erebuni uk supplier – ab styling


body kit and spoiler / wing manufacturer based in the states. In general the styling parts are quite extreme and have a distinctive look which will appeal to individual tastes. The Ford body kits could not be mistaken for something supplied by the car manufacturer! Ford Focus Body Kits available.

rieger tuning uk dealer –  autotint design


body kit manufacturer. rieger is one of the more famous manufacturers of car styling products. the products are tastefully extreme. their wide arch body kits are amongst the most famous in the business. The site has comprehensive information on the kits featured, info such as depth of aprons are included. the specs of the wheels shown with the car styling parts is also included which is particularly handy for the wide arch kits. i believe rieger can also supply the wheels shown in their photos. prices of the styling parts are included in the pdf files. while the initial photos of the styling parts are of low quality, the photos in the download able pdf files are much better and tend to show the styling parts from a variety of angles. there is a comprehensive list of styling parts for most models, with the parts of the Ford body kits being available separately. The Ford Escort wide arch kits look the business.

wings west uk supplier – the racers edge


body kit, wing / spoiler and car accessory manufacturer. there is a unique system for finding the required
styling products. the styling of the products themselves are distinctive although the cover of models appears to be quite patchy. the site looks very professional and there is probably at least one item available for any u.s. car you care to mention. when I looked at the site the on line store was down so I imagine when it is back up and running there should be on line prices. Their Ford Focus body kits are well known.

musketier uk dealer/importer – gmc


car styling part manufacturer. there is comprehensive coverage of most models, with at least one kit per
model. the site is quite basic but it does the job with above average photos. there is a price list on the site although i don’t believe its possible to buy direct. there is a list of world distributors on the site. the site is in german.

merkur tuning gb supplier –  not stated

body kit, car styling part manufacturer, the site has a comprehensive list of Ford body kits for most models. site is in german but it is still easy to navigate. The photos of the body kits are very good quality. there is a pdf file which has the prices of the products.

pakfeifer uk dealer/supplier – evolution r


body styling part manufacturer. the site contains good quality photos of the Ford body kits that the company manufacturers. the price of the body kits is included on the site and there is an on line ordering facility. the company does stock car styling accessories for a wide range of car manufacturers. the site can be slow to load as the pictures of the bodykits are of quite high resolution, the site is easy to navigate.

Wolf uk dealer – profile automotive

Ford Body Kit from Wolf. Bumper extensions for Ford Fiesta MK5 – Image Source:

German manufacturer of Ford body kits and car styling parts for Ford. The kits are available through main dealers in Germany so the kits are subtle. Wolf also stock parts such as light alloy wheels and lowering spring kits.
Models covered include Ford Fiesta Ford Focus Ford Focus CMax Ford Cougar Ford Ka and the Mondeo Puma



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