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Google Online Car Insurance Quotes

As much as I like the little guy, which is pretty much everyone compared to Google, Google has come up with probably the best UK car insurance comparison site.

You can see it here.

It is super clear, it is super easy to use and it starts off asking the right questions straight from the off.

Other companies hit you up for your name and address, Google starts off asking you for your car’s number plate. When your car details come up along with the details like how long you have owned it you know you are on to a winner.

Then it gives you some checkboxes to click, which is great because I hate typing stuff out.

And it goes on with the easiness.

Of all the car insurance comparison sites I have been looking through over the past couple of weeks, Google’s version is head and shoulders above the rest. It gives you nonsense access to an insurance quote with the minimum amount of typing/work.

Now you could argue that Google can get away with a bare bones car insurance quote site because it does not have to worry about getting ranked in it’s search engine listings. And I think you are probably correct. There is hardly and text on their site and there are few if any links to the sites of the insurers themselves.

The fact that Google does not have to put a ton of info about car insurance on their site definitely makes their site more pleasant to use, less distractions. If their competitors could clean their site like this and still rank well I am sure they would do it. But they can’t, they need to give you the kitchen sink when it comes to info on car insurance.

Should you use Google to get a quote on your UK car insurance? I think you have to, solely on the basis that it is so straight forward to use, about the price, I cannot comment.

Consider Google’s online car insurance quote site as another tool in your toolbox in getting the best quote.

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