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LLF Review of TURBO R32 Golf MK5 – One of the BEST reviews on YouTube

Many things that make this review a huge stand out. Let me cover a few of them here.

1.Cinematography is amazing. Especially the unstable in car shots of the owner driving at the start and at the end. Lets the viewer know what to expect from the get go.

2.Sound – Dont know what LLF did, but the sounds of the engine were captured perfectly throughout the video

3.The personalities – The shooter and the owner hit it off. Lots of laughing, lots of details. This is the biggest thing car reviews generally dont have. They don’t include the owner, the dont include the engineers, marketing guys for new cars.

But this is essential. You need to speak to the owner to get an idea of why they did what they did, what is important for them, why they chose the companies they did. Its this dialogue with the owner at the start of the films especially, that set up the rest of the video and help the viewer understand the car.

In this case the owner straight away is into the nitty gritty, turbo specs now, what the car had before, the reason for it looking and performing the way it does today and how things can get a bit out of control. ie you go in for a remap, you end up taking the car off the road for a year because you decide to completely redo the turbo system!

4.The cut from the car park to the in car shot is perfect

And on and on……………………

Thats enough from me, enjoy, the video!



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