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Peter Schiff on Joe Rogan Podcast

Absolute gold as usual.

It shows how brain washed we have been by TV, newspapers and even schools and universities when someone can come along and say things which are common sense and we treat is as some sort of revelation

Video is at the bottom, here are the time stamps

0:32 Occupy Wall Street
3:23 Getting emotional about a subject you dont understand
5:40 Democratic socialism
6:55 How to get rich
8:20 Fascism is s part of socialism
10:30 Why people voted for Trump
13:10 Economy not much better than Obama
17:00 What would you tell the president
23:30 Space force
25:20 How did the USA go from the richest country to the poorest
28:00 Dont buy Chinese
32:40 Joe gets poorer
33:30 Living in Puerto Rico
39:00 Women in Puerto Rico
43:00 Gay couple that wanted a wedding cake
48:10 If Rogan was a jigolo
50:50 Customers can discriminate why not businesses?
52:50 Trump’s driver
55:10 Minimum wage laws probably the worst laws out there
1:01:00 Examples. American Samoa
1:04:00 Origin of minimum wage in the USA
1:05:40 Democratic socialism popularity
1:10:30 How did college get so expensive?
1:13:00 The dollar crisis
1:15:55 Gold Money account openings
1:18:30 Bank card made from solid gold
1:24:00 Gold vs Bitcoin
1:32:20 What happens when crypto currencies collapse
1:34:50 How a piece of paper can function as currency
1:37:50 The golden age of America
1:39:40 Are rich people abusing Puerto Rico
1:49:50 The Jones Act
1:55:00 Has socialism worked anywhere?
2:00:30 Socialists have never grown up
2:01:30 How old should you be, to vote?
2:03:40 What is the role of government
2:05:55 Liberals are so intolerant
2:08:33 The Ultimate irony
2:10:00 2008 was the beginning of the end
2:15:00 California housing
2:16:20 Economic Nonsense
2:17:00 How the next crash will go down
2:33:00 Automation & job losses
2:34:50 Universal basic income
2:36:00 Eliminate government departments
2:38:00 Constitution not up for interpretation
2:40:55 How to protect yourself from the crash
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