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Sierra Cosworth Review LLF YouTube – Why is original better?

Sierra Cosworth Review in 2018. Another great car review by LLF.

The owner of the Cosworth touches on it constantly throughout the video, “it” being how he has kept the car original and paid a premium for doing so.

I understand original cars fetch more money, what I don’t understand is why.

I mean, you are paying extra money for parts on which the original engineers were forced to compromise on.

Surely, cars which eliminate these compromises and make the car into what the original engineers would have wanted, surely cars which exploit the potential of the engineers/designers fundamental design should be worth more?

For example.

The hoses, in an ideal world, the Ford engineers would have wanted the car to use silicone hoses not rubber. Why is it seen as more preferable for a car to have hoses inferior to what the designers/engineers wanted?

To give another example, the turbo.

Why is it preferable to use the original turbos rather than the latest offerings from Garrett like the GTXR.

Surely a designer of the original car would love to see the car with the best possible turbo, rather than the turbo he was forced to use, for cost reasons, back in the 80s.

I suppose by keeping the car original it takes you back in time, so you can understand what eighties technology was like and I suppose that is fine if you want to look at the car, but for cars that are driven, I personally would have the latest tech and think to myself, even back in the eighties, they got the basics of the Cossie right and look what is possible when you take a classic and allow it to realise its full potential with modern technology.

For me, that would be a far more satisfying car to own and drive as opposed to an original car where I have pro actively handicapped my car with old tech in the name of originality.

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