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Stilo ST4 8860 Helmet – Quick Review

Teh Stilo ST4 8860 is and FIA Formula 1 approved carbon fibre helmet designed for closed cockpit race cars.

As with most Stilo helmets integration of the radio, microphone and headphones make this a much more straightforward choice than buying the helmet and then by the radio equipment after.

The Stilo ST4 8860 also has a built in drink quick release drinks system.

The Stilo ST4 8860 is very light, only 1.5kg, it is comfortable and well ventilated.

The visor that is supplied with the 8860 leaves a gap at the bottom to further improve ventilation in a closed cockpit car. The visor can be ordered with an iridium finish for an extra 100GBP.

Stilo can also supply the ST4 8860 with different paint schemes for an extra 500GBP

The Stilo ST4 8860 should be available from all Stilo dealers at the time of writing.

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