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Top 5 Independent BMW Specialist Garages in London

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These are the top 5 independent BMW specialist garages in London according to their reviews on Google. If your looking for a business to upgrade or tune your BMW, check out this page

Number 1 Independent BMW Specialist – KMK (4.9 stars)

KMK are an independent BMW garage located in Croydon, South London. KMK claim to offer the same level of serivicing as a BMW main delaer and have access to the same type of diagnostic tools as a BMW main dealer.

KMK specialise in diagnostic, servicing,  N47 timing chain replacement and DPF servicing and replacement

KMK are an independent BMW specialist garage

Number 2 Andrew’s Garage (4.8 stars)

Andrew’s Garage is also located in South London, specifically Loughborough Junction.

Andrew’s Garage specialise in accident repairs, restoration and MOT preparation and testing on 70′ onwards BMW

Number 3 BMERC London (4,7 stars)

BMWERC specialise in servicing, repairs, diagnostics, MOT preparation, MOT testing, bodywork and body repair and cleaning of DPFs, fuel injection systems & air intakes.

BMERC are located in High Barnet, North London.

BMWERC are an independent BMW specialist

Number 4 AMW (4.5 stars)

AMW are located off the A2 near Peckham, South London.

AMW offer breakdown recovery, servicing, MOTs, diagnostics and basically anything to get your BMW back in tip top condition (excluding bodywork)

AMW are an independent BMW specialist

Number 5 Chelsea Autoworx (5 stars but small number of reviews)

Chelsea Autoworx was founded by a BMW senior technician and have been in business for 10 years.

Chelsea Autowork are based on the New Kings Road in Fulham

Chelsea Autoworx offer fixed price servicing have a full range of prices on their website (which is nice) covering oil service, Inspection 1 and Inspection 2 services.

Chelsea Autoworx offer a massive range of services in addition to normal servicing and includes MOT prepartation and MOT testing, dealer level diagnostics, air conditioning servicing, bodywork, body repairs and accident repairs, wheel alignments plus BMW accessories.

Chelsea Autoworx are an independent BMW specialist garage

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