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Vettel Stroll Crash Videos – Malaysia GP 2017 – What the F1** happened!?!

If you didnt see the cool down lap of the 2017 Malaysia GP there was a massive shunt which destroyed Vettel’s Ferrari

The Williams of Lance Stroll appeared to come away unscathed where as the Ferrari was demolished

So what happened? Who is at fault?

Vettel went around the outside of Stroll, maybe he was too close but I think not.

To me it looks like Stroll was pre occupied with the other things and also wanting to get some pick up on his tyres prior to scrutineering and suffered a bit of brain fade.

You could say Vettel going round the outside was unexpected but Stroll really should have been aware of what was happening behind him ie the Vettel was catching him


Clearly Vettel was ahead of Stroll when the accident happened so if Stroll was whatching where he was going it would have been easy enough for him to jink out of the way.

At the end of the day they were not at race pace, it was the cool down lap.

Completely avoidable

And could lead to a 5 place grid penalty for Vettel if his gearbox was damaged. Unless Ferrari can plead force majeure.

Hard to believe the Ferrari’s gearbox was not damaged when you look at the left rear.

A locomotive would have done less damage…….

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