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BMW E30 960BHP ex-Formula D – Tour

By TheHoonigans


Nonsense up to 3:08

3:09 Ex Formula D Car

3:25 Started as 1989 325i

4:47 64-66 Precision Turbo, was 68-70 which made 960whp. S54 Engine

5:18 NOS and anti-lag (routes air from the compressor back into the turbine) but not at the same time?

6:00 Crankcase pressure sensor, dry sump

6:50 JRZ suspension

7:40 Mono wiper

7:50 Samsonas was used, now RTS G-Force GSR

8:20 All metal work doen by Forced Cougar (???)

8:55 Marcus Fry roll cage, Northwood Bavarian (??) the prep, 2900lbs weight

11:15 1984-2007 Front Lower control arms the same

12:20 Illegal rear suspension

12:55 AEM Infinity

14:30 Rolling burnout

15:00 to end nonsense>>>>

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