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1100HP BMW E30 M3 w/ 2JZ(?) Toyota Supra Engine @ Nurburgring!

Video is of what look like a Scandinavian E30 M3 with a 2JZ engine at a track day at the Nurburging.

Film is shot from the pitlane as the M3 enters the straight. The 2Jz is literally throwing the little E30 up the track. If there was ever a case of something being over engined this is it and it’s awesome.

The film also has some shots in the paddock with some coverage of the engine bay the interior and the side exit exhaust.

Whats striking about this 2JZ powered M3 is the speed of the other Porsches on the track at the same time.

The M3 looks massively fast when it launches onto the straight but the Porsches seem to be able to keep up and turn into the corner at the end of the straight ahead of the BMW.

Whatever the case may be, this BMW is by far the most exhilarating car on this track day.

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