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Surface Coating of Subaru exhaust manifold.

Surface Coating Services – Surface Coating Manufacturers

Surface engineering to enhance resistance to wear, can be accomplished by either altering the properties of the surface or by applying a coatingto the surface. Photolithography is a combination of chemical, optical, and mechanical methods to build small structures on a surface. – more form wikipedia

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Surface Coating

Metal Improvement Company
Oerlikon Balzers Coating
Rosier UK
Riibig Franz and Sohne
Sermatech International

Surface Coating

A&A Coatings, NJ USA
A&A Coatings has been in the thermal spray coating and application industry for over 70 years. We specialize in thermal spraying and application on metal, ceramic, cermet, and hardfaced coatings.

Anochrome, Technologies ltd, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, UK
Surface finishing and specialist coating company, offering sub-contract services to predominantly high-end automotive and electronic customers. Application of corrosion protection, conductive and decorative coating on most substrates, including assembly and screen-printing Finishes available include pre-applied thread locking and Rimlex@sealing products as well as the latest hexavalent chrome-free coatings such as Delta Protect@, Geomet@ and Magni@, dry film lubricants such as Xylan@, organic coatings and Hard coat. Other Anochrome group finishes available include hard and soft anodizing, electrolytic zinc and zinc nickel plating,

Eltro (GB) Ltd Farnborough, Hampshire, UK
Eltro operates an advanced surface engineering facility for pulsed plasma nitriding using its patented Eltropuls process Eltro offers a sub-contracting service for plasma nitriding, nitrocarburlslng, oxy-black finishing and hard coating,’and provides sales and support for customers wishing to purchase equipment and do surface treatments in-house.

Metal Improvement Company, Newbury, Berkshire, UK
Metal Improvement Company is the world leader in sub-contract controlled shot peening. laser peening. super finishing combating fatigue. fretting, galling and pitting problems in engineering components. Metal Improvement Company also provides sub-contract coating application to provide protection and enhanced lubricity. There are six facilities in the UK providing these quality services to all engineering metals/alloys

Odlings MCR Ltd, Cheshire, UK
Odlings MCR is Cheshire based. It manufactures and supplies blast cleaning and degreasing equipment for every aspect of industry all over the world As a specialist manufacturer, it has been requested by many companies to develop automatic machines, custom-built for their own use. Over the years this has increased, and now all users can benefit from its experience and automate their cleaning process from its standard automatic range

Oerlikon Balzers Coating UK Ltd, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, UK
Oerlikon Balzers is the worldwide leader in PVD and PACVD coating with over 70 coating centres. With motorsport resources in the USA and UK in the form of dedicated production facilities and staff, and in Japan and central Europe in the form of specialist staff, it supplies NASCAR, F1, WRC teams, major system suppliers and component manufacturers around the world. Its global presence allows it to supply its products in any geographical market addressing the international nature and demand for a rapid response in today’s motorsport market BALlNIT@ high-performance coatings are designed for success in racing

Rosier UK, Merseyside, UK
Rosier IS the world’s leading producer of surface finishing equipment for a wide scope of industries including Fl, Autosport Motorsport Indy, Rally, and NASCAR.lts services consist of shotblasting, shotpeening, wet blasting, de-burring, de-scaling and polishing of most materials Including Keramo@ super finishing Rosier’s trade registered super finishing benefits are: Reduction of surface roughness, Reduction In friction, Improved load carrying capacity, Lower operating costs, Lower operating temperatures, Reduced lubrication maintenance, Quieter operation, Reduces rotational torque, No metallurgical degradation. Tested, proven and ISO certified subcontract facility available

Riibig Franz and Sohne, Austria
Forging parts, die forgings, engine parts, engines, 2-stroke engines, sidecar engines, engineering, coating, nitriding, cleaning, hardening, plasma treatment

Sermatech International, Derbyshire, UK
Sermatech – Advanced Engineered Protective Coatings Sermatech engineered protective coatings and expertise has been exploited throughout its 40 years of operation, by organisations which have sort to reduce costs associated with efficiency,replacement parts and repairs Sermatech research, manufacture and apply its own coatings to customers specific requirements with the ability to protect components from erosion, heat and wear resistance In cold and hot sections of operations. As the coating supplier of choice to OEMs, 1 st tier suppliers, over haulers and end users you will find Sermatech coatings enhancing the performance of components throughout the world.

Zircotec, Didcot, Oxon, UK 
Originally developed by the nuclear energy industry and used effectively by Formula One and World Rally Car teams, Zircotec will be exhibiting its high temperature plasma sprayed ceramic coatings, which provide a lightweight, easily packaged and highly durable thermal barrier When applied to an exhaust system, the Zircotec coating Inhibits radiation of heat from the surface of the material, holding the heat inside Koenigsegg’s CCX supercar is the latest vehicle to benefit from using Zircotec’s ceramic coating for its exhaust manifold. Koenigsegg needed a solution that would dramatically reduce under bonnet temperatures to safeguard electrical components and composite bodywork

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