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Japanese Car Clubs & Japanese Club Forums

Links to car clubs which have lively on-line forums which offer advice, general chat and organise club meets

General – Japanese Car Clubs

Orient Academy
Outlaw Jap Club
Tengoku Racing
Ultimate Japanese Car Club

Honda – Japanese Car Clubs

Civic Sports Club
Civic Type R Owners Club
CRX Owners Club
Honda Revolutions
Integra Type R DC5 Owners Club
NSX Club Great Britain
South West Civics

Canada – Japanese Car Clubs


Japanese Car Clubs – Japan Car Clubs

NSX Club of Japan

Japanese Car Clubs – Lexus Car Clubs

Lexus Owners Club

Mazda – Japanese Car Clubs –

Club 323F
Micra Sports Club
MX-5 Owners Club

USA Mazda – Japanese Car Clubs

RX-7 Owners Club

Mitsubishi – Japanese Car Clubs

Colt Owners Club
Delica Owners Club
Galant VR4 Owners Club
GTO/3000GT Owners Club
FTO Owners Club
L200 Owners Club
Lancer Register
Pajero Owners Club
Starion Owners Club

Nissan – Japanese Car Clubs

300ZX UK
GTI-R Modifiers Club
GTI-R Owners Club
GTR Register
Nissan Primera .net
Skyline Owners Forum
SX Owners Club
Z Club

Nissan Primera .net
Useful technical info and help site on the Nissan Primera. Online Manuals and Forums to help with all aspect of the Primera from Helps and Support to Tuning and Styling.

USA Nissan – Japanese Car Clubs (Primera Community)

Subaru – Japanese Car Clubs

Scooby City
Scooby Net

Toyota – Japanese Car Clubs

GT4 Owners Club
International MR-2 Owners Club – UK
MK3 Supra Owners Club
MK4 Supra Owners Club
Toyota Club Ireland
Toyota GT Forum
Toyota Owners Club

General – Japanese Car Clubs

Orient Academy

Outlaw Jap Club
We may currently be one of the smallest car clubs on the internet, but we rate ourselves as possibly the friendliest.This club was formed by a group of like-minded Japanese Car fans who had become unhappy with the way some other car clubs did not seem to listen to the input of their members. At the Outlaw Jap Club we have a different philosophy. We look at our members as the most important asset of our club. Without them we are nothing. We listen to our members\\\’ input & ideas, along with any problematic issues they might have, and then act on them. We are all here to help each other. Club Ethos. Our ethos as a club/internet forum is very simple. \\\”To share our members\\\’ combined knowledge & experience of Japanese Cars. Collectively help the club\\\’s members out wherever we can. Have some fun, & possibly learn a thing or two along the way.”

We are a club forum that offers free advice for our members.
We currently offer membership on a free and a paid for membership service.
All  our members have been or are still keen and experienced Japanese car owners.
The club has many modified cars as well as standard vehicle that are some of the finest in the country.
We can help our members with the knowledge of knowing some of the better company to deal with around the country, on most motoring issues.

We have and are attending many car show around the country as well as trip to great drive place like Swiss Alps and the Nurburgring in Germany.
Your welcome to visit us at JAE 2009 or at Jap Fair 2009
These are just a few places that the club can be seen.
We offer members some of the best prices on their car insurance via companies like Adrian Flux and Sky Insurance.
Please come and see us at

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