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Mondeo 1.5 Ecoboost Review – 4 Best Features (2016/2017/2018)

To cut straight to the chase, the 1.5 Ecooboost Review is a perfect car for its purpose ie transporting a family, with paraphernalia, for A to B in comfort and good speed.

The top 4 things about the Mondeo 1.5 Ecoboost

Steering – Unlike most modern cars, there is no noticeable loss in feel with the Mondeo system. In my opinion it is as good as any older hydraulic system.

Space – Its a massive car, plenty of storage for everything, loads of legroom all round

Visibility – Absolutely horrendous but the parking sensors on the front and rear of the car make this a non issue

Throttle Response – Electronic throttle but completely intuitive ie the power you get is what you asked for, it is not trying to be clever which is a huge bonus

Generally Ford has knocked the Mondeo out of the park. It is a completely cohesive package, interior, steering, brakes,engine power, seats, materials, everything matches everything else.

No aspect of the car sticks out from the rest as this is a very rare thing.

Ford have done an ultra professional job.

Would I buy a Mondeo?

In a word no but that’s not because its not a good car, as I said I think its perfect for what it is but from my point of view I dont like the looks. Its a bit soft and rounded, a bit bland, I want a shape with a bit more personality but looks are completely subjective….

Time stamps 

0:06 The steering. Electric but feels like hydraulic. Zero issues/complaints

0:54 Engine power from the 1.5 Ecoboost

1:19 Seats, 8 out of 10, comfortable and supportive and plenty of adjustment

1:42 Nav system, no complaints, does the job

1:54 Massive wing mirrors, very handy!

2:27 The gearchange, perfectly acceptable

2:50 Good visibility

3:05 Parking sensors front and rear and side

3:22 Lane assist and lane aid

3:58 Dashboard appearance

4:08 Gauges & direct buttons

4:53 Doors, huge amount of storage and elbow room

5:10 Centre console

5:19 Brakes good, easy to modulate, can rumble under hard use

5:38 Cornering excellent, very nice to drive, good driver involvement

6:20 Ride very compliant

7:15 Size of car and cabin noise

7:30 Engine noise

7:50 Dual zone climate control

7:58 Pedals

8:30 Electronic handbrake

9:34 On the whole, a very competent car

10:38 Who is going to buy this car?

11:42 Would I buy this car?

12:54 Things I would change

14:43 Throttle response great from the factory. Adjustable pedal box not needed

15:16 Stereo is very good

15:46 High speed stability

16:25 Wrap up, very competent car, cant fault it, only let down is the looks IMO. Ford did a great job

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