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Richard Meaden EVO Magazine – MX5 vs 205GTI

Maybe it is because Meaden gets the best gigs at EVO but I don’t think so.

Take this month’s highlight article at EVO Magazine (issue 169).

A BBR turbo converted compared and tested alongside a Pug1Off converted 205 GTI.

One of the best articles I have read in EVO since Zoltan Scrivener was doing his pieces.

Don’t get me wrong, I like reading about the latest and greatest cars available from the worlds premier car manufacturers but for me at least, reading about cars which have been tuned by professional aftermarket tuning outfits is infinitely more interesting, especially when they are driven by someone as gifted as Richard Meaden.

It’s a 6 page article and it is completely riveting from start to finish.

While Chris Harris is the daddy at taking a completely fresh perspective to reviewing cars, something I miss, now he has left EVO, Richard Meaden is arguably the daddy when it comes to putting the reader at the heart of the action.

While Chris Harris is more cerebral, Richard Meaden is more adrenalin.

Meaden’s reviews of the latest offerings from Litchfield Imports and Ralliart/Extreme Autos was always the highlight of EVO for me so it is a breath of fresh air to see EVO moving more towards to the aftermarket, which at the end of the day, excites the true car enthusiast more than anything come out of a car factory.

Highlights of the 205 & MX5 article?

Like I said, the whole article is excellent but Meadon invented a new expression (at least to me) which is sure to enter the lexicon of any committed driver.

I expect to hear the expression “giving it the full Gilles Panizzi” to replace “maximum attack” almost immediately.

As a side note, for me there is nothing more boring than articles concerning concept cars, something which EVO is now doing on a regular basis. Please, stop it and let’s  have some more articles comparing tuning packages, this is what we are really interested in.


Pug1Off 205 GTI

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