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240SX Tuning Part Power Test. Back to back power tests of tuning parts for the 240SX

240SX performance parts tested on Nissan 240SX to see their effect on horsepower. Parts test are an AEM Short Ram Intake System, 5 5Zigen Border III Cat Back Exhaust System & DC Sport Exhaust Manifold/Header

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240SX Performance Part Power Test

The 240SX has long been viewed as having a truck engine, which reliable but crude, heavy and unreliable. Many of these motors have been swapped out in favour of the SR20DET. Giving the number of these KA24DE units simply sitting in scrap yards and the number of these units still in use lets take at a look at the parts available for this motor and see what potential it has.

240SX Tuning Part Test – Base Power Run

After the change of fluids and general service the base car put down 122bhp5800rpm. and166 lbs/ft at the wheels. These figures are what was expected so lets see what improvements we can make.

240SX Tuning Part – Dyno Run 2 – AEM Cold Air Intake Kit

The AEM intake is easy to fit as comes with all the mounting hardware required.

Peak power showed a very small gain of 3bhp but the biggest gains were between 3750rpm and 4500rpm where up to 7bhp gain was found.

Peak Power Gain: +3bhp
Peak Torque Gain: 0 lbs/ft

240SX Tuning Part – Dyno Run 3 – 5Zigen Border III Cat Back Exhaust System

Super quality looks and fantastic looking welded joints. Fitting as always with exhaust systems can be a bit of a nightmare but if you get a friend to help and take your time it shouldn’t be too bad.

The 5Zigen exhaust provided massive, almost unbelievable gains in power. Again solid power gains through 3500rpm through to 4500rpm and massive improvements from 5000rpm through to the red line at 6750rpm. Really impressive

Peak Power Gain: +13bhp with 5250rpm showing a +19bhp gain
Peak Torque Gain: +13 lbs/ft

240SX Tuning Part – Dyno Run 4 – DC Sports 4-2-1- Header/Manifold

As with exhaust systems it can a bit of a mare getting the old header/manifold off but fitting the DC Sports item was straight forward

Slight gains all through the rpm range with the DC Sports header/manifold eliminating the sharp step in power from 4500rpm to 5000rpm. In this are the header gave  an 11bhp gain.

Peak Power Gains: +2bhp
Peak Torque Gains: 0 lbs/ft

Nissan 240SX Tuning Part Power Test – Conclusion

The clear super star part fitted was the 5Zigen Border III Exhaust system with the AEM intake and DC Sports header giving slight gains, showing the stock header and filter were not real restrictions, at least for close to standard power. The stock cat was retained for all these test, the use of a sports cat could well bring the filter and manifold to life by increasing air flow to a level where they can show their freer flowing capacity over the original parts.

Total Power Gain: 15bhp @ 5750rpm
Total Torque Gains: 16lbs/ft @ 4750rpm


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