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320d Chip Tuning Box Comparison – 400GBP to 800GBP (5 brands)

320d chip tuning box comparison. We look at 5 manufacturers and compare their power claims, their prices and their adjustability to see which one we would choose for the F30 320d.

In the video I go through each tuning box and look at the price versus the adjustability and ease of use to work out which one is the best.

This is how we choose a tuning box but ultimately the best way is to speak to people who have fitted a tuning box to the same car as yours and ask them about their experience

320d Chip Tuning – The brands we looked were:






The key aspect we look at when choosing a tuning box is price. We are looking for products in the 250 to 600 Euro range

After price we look at the adjustability of the tuning boxes ie is the tuning box adjustable and if so, how many settings does the tuning box have and how easy is it to adjust the settings. For us, adjustability is key, if a product is not adjustable we look elsewhere

And the power claims do not enter into our buying decision at all. We believe all the tuning boxes in a similar price range are going to be making around the same power as each other.

The only exception to this rule would be when a manufacturer has products at different price points for the same car. In this case they may sandbag their cheaper models.

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