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Tuning Box – Adjustability is important but not for the reason you think

We always say adjustability is a key feature in any tuning box.

We do NOT say this because it allows you to change the power of the car when you want.

The reality is when you find the maximum setting you can run, you are going to leave the setting alone. FOREVER.

There is no reason to change the settings once you have the found the optimum setting in normal conditions.

When you might need to change the settings is if you do something unusual with the car or if something unusual happens to the car

For example

Extreme heat or cold

Extreme load on the engine eg full throttle for long period of time and/or towing

Bad fuel

In these circumstances it is a good idea to reduce the tuning box settings in advance. When you know you will be putting the engine under big stress, you need to show the car some mechanical sympathy, this is the same whether you have a tuning box or not.

But as I said, in normal conditions, once you have found the optimal setting, there is no reason to change the setting on the tuning box again, once you have found the optimum setting.

If you want to change the feel of your car to match your mood, to match the circumstances eg heavy traffic/track day or to match the weather you don’t want a tuning box, you want a pedal tuning box.

A pedal tuning box is what you use to change the character of your car. You will probably be adjusting a pedal tuning box many times a day.

In summary

The settings on an adjustable tuning box simply allow the driver to find the maximum power available. The settings are NOT used to alter the feel of the vehicle or the way the vehicle behaves.

Once you find your optimum power setting there is NO reason to alter the settings again (Unless there is extreme circumstances as outlined above)

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