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325d For Sale, 12.12.17 – Better than a 320d

325d for sale. If you are looking for a 320d, I have a surprise for you. You might be able to get the 330d engine for 320d money.

LISTING >>>>>  BMW 325d Auto 2009 Estate

The 325d has nowhere near the same cachet or price tag as a 330d but they share the same engine.  Call the 325d a bargain 330d, or a much more powerful 320d!

This car is available on Ebay UK at the moment. Click the image to go to this listing



LISTING >>>>>  BMW 325d Auto 2009 Estate

About the listing.

Low mileage.

Photos and car condition consistent with low mileage

Kerb wheels so check alignment and condition of suspension components

Panels look straight, all lights present and correct

Leather interior with minimal wear

Book are looks like new, carpets look new, plastic surround on boot lip looks untouched

LISTING >>>> BMW 325d Auto 2009 Estate

No photos of engine bay, check the engine thoroughly for leaks

Listen for loose timing chain, give engine brief throttle blip at idle.

Check bodywork for rust, there should not be any

Check tyres. Expensive brand indicates good maintenance. Tyres on this car may be different side to side

Car is not taxed on SORN

MOT until next October

These cars definitely slip under the radar with people wanting a 330d but not wanting the big price tag and settling for a 320d instead. the 325d is the forgotten gem.

Great colour on this car, probably the best available. Interior is the perfect spec.

At the time of writing I am expecting this car to go for around 7K. It is half that at the moment

Put in a cheeky bid, you never know!

I always recommend checking the vehicle in person if you can

Get a HPI check

If you are not sure about anything, get an independent inspection. It is a private seller, you don’t get the same protection as a trade seller. Factor your price accordingly.



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