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Nissan 350Z Buying

Nissan 350Z Buying Guide

Nissan 350Z buying guide. The Nissan 350Z came with 3.5litre V6 engines and rear wheel drive. The old school approach Nissan took with the design of the 350Z meant that the 350Z was immensely popular meaning that the used values are some of the strongest in the industry. The 350Z came with a “GT Pack” option fro the factory which was an extra 2500GBP. Today the GT Pack equipped cars are only 500GBP more than the normal 350Zs. The GT Pack included leather interior, cruise control and upgraded BOSE stereo. Sat Nav was a 1200GBP option but this is rare to see on used cars.

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350Z Buying Guide Background

Another option pack available was the GT4 also known as the 35th Anniversary Z which came with Rays wheels different pistons andcamshafts and remapped exhaust valve timing which gave an extra 20bhp. Only 176 of these cars were made but it was one of the first cars to break the gentleman’s agreement inJapan on 276bhp as the car now had 296bhp.

In 2005 a roadster version was released and although it added 75kg to the total weight it did little to damage the driving experience. The soft top takes only 20seconds to lower.

In 2007 the 350Z got a new engine, (the VQ35HR replaced the VQ35DE) which produced 309bhp and also received a minor facelift.

350Z buying guide. The 350Z is super reliable and has huge support in the aftermarket. Photo shows 350Z with INGS long nose. Image Source:

There are a large number of grey imports/JDM imports in theUK. These Japanese models should be advertised as the Fairlady and come in Version T, Lux specifications. These Japanese imports are cheaper thanUK cars but they do cost more to insure.

Regardless of the model you choose it is imperative it has a full service history, there are many 350Zs for sale so there is no reason to go for a 350Z which doesn’t have it.

Servicing is expensive for a car of this price. AllUK350Zs came with a 3 year warranty. Warranty Direct report very few problems with the 350Z and any problems are usually easily fixed.

350Z Buying Guide Engine

The 3.5litre V6 is smooth and silky and most of all reliable with no major faults reported as far as we know. But as with all engines, they should be serviced properly. If the engine is tappet then walk away there are plenty of cars with good engines available.

350Z Buying Guide Gearbox/Transmission

The 350Z has a heavy shift through the gate and on cars up to 2005 the gear stick can vibrate a lot. It should be shift through all the gears cleanly if changing to fourth and/or sixth is notchy or difficult it indicates abuse.

Clicking noise from the rear will be more than likely the driveshafts. Getting them greased usually cures the noise but for a full fix they will need to be replaced which will cost 550GBP for the parts and 250GBP for the labour at a main dealer.

350Z Buying Guide Wheels & Tyres

The 350Z came with Bridgestone S02 and different tyres can have an effect on the balance of the chassis. Check out 350Z forums to see which tyres people are using and what effect it has had on the car if you would like to try a different brand or model of tyre.

350Z Buying Guide Brakes

Brakes are very good, DOT5.1 brake fluid and high quality brake pads will give good performance in all but the most extreme circumstances.

350Z Buying Guide Suspension

Nothing to report here except the normal wear and tear that every car suffers from. Ride should be controlled and responsive. If the car fells floaty or takes time to settle when cornering it is worth giving the dampers a closer inspection.

350Z Buying Guide Bodywork

Paint on the 350Z is very good. As with all cars check for even panels gaps, overspray, badly repaired accident damage. The 350Z panel gaps should all be even and the paint perfect.

350Z Buying Guide Interior

Rear hatch struts can need adjustment, get this seen too as soon as possible because if it isn’t sorted the complete strut can fail and will need replacing. The cabin wears very well and all electronics should work. The only problem that can occur is that the drivers side window doesn’t drop as the door is opened but this should have been sorted under warranty.

Some CD players can skip without reason and some speakers may not work

350Z Summary

The 350Z is an extremely well built and reliable sports car with excellent driving dynamics and rock solid residuals

350Z Review by The Times

“I have never been a lover of Japanese sports cars but the 350Z is a great all-rounder that did a lot to persuade me otherwise. If you’re considering an Audi TT or a Porsche Boxster, you should certainly add the Nissan to your test-drive list. It’s just a shame they didn’t deliver it to me in Buenos Airesfor a real test . . .” Click here for the full article

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