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Mazda 6 2 Litre Diesel Review –

It happened on the way back from Ipswich, I can hear you saying you’re not surprised, but seriously. On my way up the M1 motorway in pre-rush hour traffic it dawned on me, something I have never experienced before. I wanted to get out of this car, I wanted to get back to the office as quickly as possible so I wouldn’t have to sit, let alone drive this car anymore. Never and I do mean never, have I ever felt such strong negative feelings about a car.

Mazda 6 2 Litre Diesel Review

Sure there are cars that I don’t like, Corsa B for example, but I could always think of a good point of driving it (good brakes). But the Mazda 6 was different, this car was completely and utterly soulless. It had been a long journey, 80% of which was on motorways and by the end I was completely sick of the car. I had been driving the car on country roads for a while and I think the quality of the roads had confused me into thinking that the car was actually quite good.

But now I think the roads were so good that I didn’t notice how crap the car was.

But if you drive a car on a motorway for 2 hours you get to appreciate it pretty well, its comfort, its control surfaces, its interior quality, the sound quality of the stereo, the effectiveness of the air conditioning, the sound level and so on. When I was in the car I couldn’t put my finger on why I so passionately hated the Mazda 6 but now I have had a while to think about I have come to the best answer I can think of.

It was as if the entire car and especially the aspects that interacted with the driver, things like the steering wheel, heater controls, pedals, electric window winders, throttle response, steering feel, the seat comfort, it was if everything have been sprayed in a 2mm layer of the anesthetic they use to put your mouth to sleep when they take a tooth out.

Every surface had that little touch of lead, of numbness in it operation. I know why Mazda did it, they wanted to create a feel of luxury and they thought a feeling of luxury could be achieved by completely insulating the driver from his or her surroundings.

They did this effectively, I might even agree with their thinking but their method made me feel that my finger tips had been anesthetized, that my sense of touch had been dulled.

Seriously, there are cars out there which have luxury but still let you feel alive, the Vectra C for example. The Mazda 6 is not one of those cars, its not even up to the level of a Vectra. If you want to feel normal, get something else, I think a 1999 Fiat Punto would be a step forward and has the added benefit of keeping you connected to the rest of the human race.

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