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2018 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet to crack the quarter-mile in sub-9 seconds

By Lee Stern A limited upgrade package developed by Ford Performance manifests itself in a drag-strip special – the 2018 Ford Mustang Cobra



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Best mini jump-starter packs 2018

By Lee Stern A flat battery can be a nuisance, but inconvenience is easily avoided with a mini jump-starter pack…



Coilovers vs Lowering Springs? Which is best?

Coilovers vs Lowering Springs? Which is best for the ROAD?

Unless you live in an area with roads like a racetrack it is hard to recommend coilovers over lowering springs.

Coilover suspension was designed for the racetrack which means comfort and the ability to deal with bumps was very low on the list of priorities.

Generally speaking lowering springs will give better performance than coilovers 99% of the time on normal roads, especially if you have large wheels.

Lowering springs will be more comfortable than coilovers because the dampers are softer and because the springs are progressive. (more…)