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AIM Digital Dash & Data Logging

AIM came to our attention for their digital dashes. You replace your standard speedo, rev counter etc with a simple digital unit from AIM. This is an ideal solution if you are looking for a custom solution for your car.

Maybe you have changed your ECU for a stand alone item and parts of the dashboard no longer function. If so, the AIM dash will restore all the information you have lost.

AIM digital dashes come in different models to suit the application, for example AIM have a digital dash for Kart, for Drag and for normal track and road cars.

AIM digital dashes can also communicate with the stock ECUs of many cars which is ideal is you are still using the original ECU but you want to extend the amount of information displayed but you do not want to have to have extra gauges installed in the cabin.

An AIM digital dash can display information over and above what is recorded by the standard ECU and can include parameters such as wheel speed, extra temperature and pressure readings, lap times, suspension travel, ride height, lap times, lap splits. An AIM dash can also be configured to display warning lights or to trigger switches or components to conditions that you define.

AIM dashes are extremely nice looking pieces and they also carry a host of features.

If you are in the market for a digital dash, AIM are well worth looking into.

The AIM website has a full list of their dealers so you can find a shop near you.

AiM Sports now offers plug and play digital displays that work with AEM engine management systems. AiM Sports’ MXL family of digital displays and race data acquisition systems are now fully compatible with all AEM engine management systems via a serial RS-232 connection. To enable the integration, AEM users must have firmware version 1.19 or higher.

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