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Akrapovic 997 GT3 RS Drive By

Akrapovic is a manufacturer of performance exhaust systems based in Slovenia.

Along time manufacturer of performance exhaust systems for motorbikes and has now moved into making exhaust systems for cars.

Akrapovic exhausts are made from titanium which means huge weight savings are available but power gains could be seen as disappointing.


Hugely expensive but excellent quality

From the Akrapovic website

An exhaust system looks simple at first glance. But a closer look shows that it is a complex system that has a significant effect on the performance of a racing or a regular sports car.

The experience in racing that we acquired over many years, taught us how to combine high performance, a long-life cycle and the lightest possible weight. Our numerous world championship titles and countless international and national titles are a testament to our continuous ability to fulfil our clients’ highest expectations.

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