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Argentina WRC Crash (YouTube VIDEO) – Spectators Injured, Standing in Stupid Place

After the death of a spectator of the VLN 24 hours at the Nurgburgring, this weekend saw more spectators injured at the Rally Argentina round of the WRC, and for the same reason. They were standing in a stupid place as the YouTube video below shows

I can see already calls from spectators to be banned from rallys, for the cars to be slowed down (even more), for there to be an investigation etc etc.

And of course this will all be wrong and unnecessary. The laws of physics are quite simple.

These spectators at Rally Argentina were standing in exactly the right place to be hit by car. Not only were they standing at the outside of a turn, they were standing on the outside of a turn that was also fairly quick and a turn that also unsettled the cars.

The spectators need to be educated as to where to stand ie, do not stand directly in front of the cars in a braking area and do not stand on the outside of a corner.

It is as simple as that, the laws of physics will take care of the rest.

I am not saying this will guarantee a spectators safety but I these two simple rules will massively reduce the chance of spectators getting injured.

I hope there are no knee jerk reactions here. WRC cars are slow enough already, as I said, the answer to stop incidents like this happening again is obvious, it is the education of spectators, nothing else.

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