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Audi S4 B5s for Sale On Ebay UK (14.Dec.2017) – Bargains?

While perusing the interwebs found a couple of interesting Audi S4 B5s on eBay UK.

For sure, all S4 B5s are on the upward curve value wise but not as much as the RS4 B5. Frankly, RS4 values make them a non option as a daily driver unless you have a few thousand to fluch down the kazee every year in lost appreciation.

So for the normal person who loves his RS4 but wants to daily drive something very similar, the S4 has got to be the logical choice. Keep the RS4 for the weekend.

Car 1. Completely standard S4. On its second owner from new. Same owner for last 14 years. If you just want an original car, this has got to be on the list but bear in mind, This car has not been used for 3 years and has no MOT – see the listing on eBay here >>>

Car 2. On the other hand. If you can see the power itch coming this has got to be the alternative. The groundwork has been done for you with a lot of RS4 parts already installed – see the listing on eBay here >>>


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