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Stock Air Filter vs Performance Air Filter Comparison

Panel Filter Test

Last updated on April 14th, 2021 at 07:51 pm

Do performance air filters really flow more air?

How much dirt do performance air filters let into your engine?

A fantastic air filter comparison test was carried out by a Duramax enthusiast under lab conditions. You see read the full test results here.

The air filter comparison test shows which filter flowed the most air (new and used) and which filters where the best and stopping dirt.

Air Filter Test Overview

7 OEM type paper air filters were compared against two performance air filters, the AFE Pro Guard 7 performance air filter and a K&N air filter.

Air Filter Restriction – Clean Air Filter

The difference between the best and worst flowing filter was only 0.06 PSI.

In other words, changing to a performance air filter will probably make no difference on power (on a stock engine)

Air Filter Filtration Quality

Which filter let the most dirt through?

The UNI and K&N filters were the worst performers, letting around 40% more dirt through than the other filters in the test.

7 grams and 7.9 grams respectively.

The best filter was from AC Delco which only allowed 0.4 grams of dirt through.

Long Term Performance

Which filter lasted the longest before becoming a restriction.

The papers filters were less restrictive than the performance filters.

The AC Delco filter was again the best air filter in the test, lasting 27% longer than the second place filter, but the second place air filter was also the filter that let the most dirt through.

Compared to the other air filters whose filtration was in the same league as the AC Delco, the Baldwin filter came in second but the Baldwin had a slightly higher restriction that the AC Delco

Panel Filter Test – In Summary

The AC Delco replacement air filter was by far the superior air filter in this test.

The performance filters flowed around the same as the stock air filters, and the stock air filters flowed better than the performance air filters after they had been exposed to dirt.

Air Filter Comparison Test – Conclusion

From the results on this specific test, the AC Delco standard replacement air filter was far superior the performance air filters in all aspects.

The AC Delco air filter was the clear winner in this air filter test with the Baldwin filter coming in second.

Project Farm has done a very similar test to this
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