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BMW E34 M5 – Crazy Street Drifting Video From Tblisi Georgia – YouTube

You have probably seen it now, it has gone viral in a big way but if you haven’t, here it is.


M5 Georgia – What can you say about this video?

Let us get the obvious stuff out of the way to start with.

M5 Street Drifting Tblisi Georgia – The thing you have to remember when you watch this video is that no one was hurt. Sure, plenty of people could have been but the fact is they weren’t. does not condone driving like this in any way shape or form.

It is dangerous in the extreme, sure it is dangerous for the driver of the M5 as well as the passenger and obviously it is dangerous for the other drivers on the road when Giorgi Tevadze is giving the M5 the full Gilles Panizzi.

However who I really cringe for is the pedestrians. In a couple of the clips you see pedestrians running for cover and you can imagine the damage that would be done if he had hit one because they ran in the wrong direction. They would not have been run over, the impact would have ripped their body into pieces. Literally.

Okay, so that is the negative stuff out of the way.

M5 Georgia – What about the positives?

The first thing that struck me in this video was the amount of room Giorgi was finding on the road. I mean who knew there was that much space available in traffic? I have never been to Georgia so I have to assume the lanes in the road are considerably wider than in the UK!

The second thing is the actions of the other drivers. There weren’t letting their ego get in the way, they were giving the M5 all the space it needed and more which is a big part of what made the video so successful.

It’s driving etiquette not to allow your actions and your driving maneuvers to cause other drivers to take avoiding action but etiquette is well and truly ignored in this video. To state the obvious.

M5 Georgia – What else is of note in the video?

The drivers skill absolutely has to get a mention. The guy was 100% in the zone during the filming no question. Which brings us back to the danger part.

The M5 driver was doing an absolutely awesome job in not only threading his way through the traffic but he was also predicting the moves of the others drivers well in advance. And given this, you have to assume he would have been able to avoid any pedestrians in the road.

I would like to think Giorgi would have put the car in the wall rather than hit a pedestrian but that still doesn’t make it right.

M5 Georgia – What else?

The car. This video has put the values of E34 M5s through the roof, about this there is no doubt. This is some of the best free advertising BMW has gotten in a while (again ignoring the obvious recklessness).  If the M5 was a Lexus it could have given the Japanese luxury brand a whole different flavour singlehandedly.

Who knew M5s were so adjustable at the limit? And who knew they were so powerful?

If you have ever tried to make a driving video yourself you’ll know how hard it is to get an impression of speed on tape. But in this video the speed was more than obvious, the M5 was absolutely flying.

M5 Georgia – In Summary

An example of extremely dangerous driving. Carry this sort of thing on long enough and an accident is inevitable.

Yes it put other road users in serious danger but the fact of the matter is no one got hurt and I think that is important to remember.

One worry I do have is of copycats. You just know someone is going to go out there and try to make their own video and they are going to end up hurting themselves but I do not believe you can blame this video for others people’s behaviour.

If there is a type of person that goes out trying to copy this video and hurts someone else then the same person is going to imitate potentially anything they see with the same results. In short, copycats will be copy cats, the fact that they saw this video is a fluke. If they hadn’t seen this then it would be something else setting them off.

So I would recommend you take the video for what it is. A demonstration of awesome driving ability and most importantly of all, remember that no one was hurt.


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